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Attack on ATMs of St. Gallar Cantonal Bank

Attack on ATMs of St. Gallar Cantonal Bank

The scandals at St Galler Cantonal Bank (SGKB) are long gone. About a decade ago, its private banking subsidiary Hyposwiss became embroiled in the oligarch’s battle, and one of its board members resigned.

Now, for the first time, the State Institute of Eastern Switzerland has again appeared in a thriller crime thriller. Unidentified persons hacked several SGKB ATMs in September.

According to an informed source, the damages range from half a million to one million francs.

They always do well together, if they don’t work alone (SGKB)

The reason lies in a security hole in the Sankt-Galler computer system.

According to the informant, the problem was a “neglected” gateway in the ATM network.

An SGKB spokeswoman confirmed the incidents upon request.

“In two individual cases several weeks ago, criminals were able to withdraw more money from ATMs than was available in the account.”

“The reason was the very specific system response time, which has now been addressed.”

The last sentence has it all.

It seems that the problem is not resolved yet, although there is a fatal error in the ATM network and although the attacks are two months old.

The source said officials have been trying “frantically” to patch the leak for weeks.