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Until Dawn: Horror remaster for PC and PS5 is already coming!

Until Dawn: Horror remaster for PC and PS5 is already coming!

The birds were already whistling from the rooftops in the lead-up to PlayStation State of Play's debut late last night, but now it's official: the horror classic Until Dawn is being comprehensively updated in a remake and will next be released for PC and PlayStation 5.

In the last few weeks there have been rumors about the previous horror classic Until Dawn, which originally released for PlayStation 4 in the summer of 2015, and was a compelling surprise hit. After being quiet about the brand for a long time, rumors recently emerged about a movie adaptation, and later there was speculation about a new version of the game for PC and the current PlayStation 5. Now it was clear: there was indeed something to all these rumours!

Sony officially announced a remaster of Until Dawn for PC and PS5 last night; There was also a first trailer for this, which you can watch in more detail in this post. According to the PlayStation Blog, this new version based on Unreal Engine 5 will be released in 2024, but there is no specific release date at the present time.

The trailer does show off some noticeably visually improved scenes; Among other things, the character played by Hayden Panettiere can also be seen in the finale. However, most of the shots in the teaser show some famous locations from the classic horror game that should be familiar to players of the original game.

The remaster is not being developed by the original developers of Supermassive themselves, but by Ballistic Moon. Virtuos Assist has also been brought for the PC port; This is a well-known outsourcing studio that already has ports of other major titles like The Outer Worlds, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and Horizon: Zero Dawn in its portfolio.

Aside from the new version of the video game, rumors of the game's material being adapted for a live-action film have also been confirmed. Accordingly, a feature film based on “Until Dawn” is currently in the works, which will be directed by David F. Sandberg (Lights Out, Annabelle: Creation). Gary Dauberman (It: Chapter Two, The Nun and The Nun II) and Blair Butler (The Invitation) serve as writers. The film will be produced by PlayStation Productions and Sony's Screen Gems.

Until Dawn – Remastered Trailer

The remake of the classic horror game Until Dawn has been officially announced for PC and PlayStation 5.