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That's how close the relationship between Kelly and Dzumaev was

That's how close the relationship between Kelly and Dzumaev was

Joachim Lampe showered Gabriel Kelly with praise for his performance of “Magic Moment” at the ninth show: “You are much better than anyone else rhythmically and musically, and you have been for weeks,” said the stern judge, known for his harsh criticism. . Then Lambie decided: Gabrielle Kelly was the favorite to take the title of “Dancing Star 2024”. The strong chemistry between the 22-year-old “Let's Dance” nominee and his 33-year-old dance partner Malika Dzumaev cannot be overlooked, a fact that Gabriel Kelly described as “terrifying.”

Malika Dzumaev and Gabrielle Kelly announce a deep bond

For weeks, Malika Dzhumayev and Gabrielle Kelly have dedicated themselves to intense dance training for eight to ten hours every day. During this time a strong bond developed between them. “It's really quite scary,” Gabriel Kelly admits to RTL. He feels as if he has known Malika Dzhumayev for years, and they have common food preferences and common interests. According to Kelly, this bond extends beyond dancing and also appears in private life.

Malika Dzumaev even describes her relationship with Gabrielle Kelly as a “kindred spirit.” She is sometimes surprised by how well they complement each other: “We often say the same things, sometimes at the same time.” This shows: The relationship between the two goes beyond that of an ordinary dancing couple.

Jealousy drama on Let's Dance

Rumors are swirling, and many are sure to remember the previous season's jealousy drama surrounding “Let's Dance” pro Ekaterina Leonova, also known as Ekat. At the time, there had been speculation for weeks about whether professional dancer Ikat was cheating on her partner, wealthy businessman Hasan Kifran, with Let's Dance nominee Timon Krause.

An alleged kiss between the dancing couple after a rumba performance on the RTL dance show has sparked speculation. According to Bild newspaper information, Hassan Kifran is said to have “got completely crazy” after that. However, there has never been any public confirmation of the relationship between Ekaterina Leonova and Timon Krause.

A drama of trust and connection instead of jealousy with Gabrielle Kelly and Malika Dzumaev

There seems to be no similar jealousy drama this season. Gabriel Kelly confirms that neither he nor his girlfriend are jealous. “You just have to be able to trust each other, that's all,” he explains.

Malika Dzumaev charmingly responds to possible speculation. She nipes that in the bud when the 33-year-old says: “I think we were siblings in a previous life.” Because there is only one man in her heart who has room: “Let's Dance” professional Zsolt Sandor Czeke. Since his elimination in Episode 5, he has supported his girlfriend from the sidelines as she holds the title dancing towards.