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PlayStation Plus: These are the free essential games for February

PlayStation Plus: These are the free essential games for February

Sony has nailed it when it comes to its lineup of games for PlayStation Plus Essential in February. Here we'll tell you which three titles you can permanently secure this time around – no matter what level of PS Plus you've subscribed to.

February is just around the corner – so it's time for Sony to finally reveal its PlayStation Plus Essential lineup in the new month. As usual, all subscribers to the online service receive three complete copies, which you can keep permanently in case you use them. In this regard, the basic offer differs from the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium game subscriptions.

This has already become public Foamstars It will be one of the new titles. The colorful online party shooter, which is best compared to Splatoon on the Switch, is also available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 via PS Plus Essential. Here you can play in 4v4 games and fight each other with foam. This can be used to build terrain and create slippery surfaces to surf across the arena at high speed. There are many game modes and quirky characters on board.

Track #2 on the new February lineup is Rollerdrome – Also available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The title comes from Roll7, creators of the award-winning OlliOlli series, a shooter-scroller hybrid set in an ancient future. This single-player third-person shooter is designed to keep you engaged with fast-paced combat and fluid movements.

The new lineup is rounded off with the PS5 title steel height. The RPG is set in an alternate city of Paris, where the French Revolution has been crushed by an army of robots. You fight and explore streets, rooftops, districts, and castles as Aegis, a mysterious and fascinating machine. You will also participate in many battles.

All three games will be available from Tuesday, February 6 and can then be claimed until March 4, 2024 – and then the new core games in the March lineup will follow. You can still secure free PS Plus games in January and into next week.

In addition to the full releases, PS Plus subscribers will also receive an icon pack for long-running favorite Fall Guys along with some in-game items in February. A test version of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will also be available starting February 6. With this limited-time, two-hour trial, you can get your own take on the hit PS5 action game without having to jump straight into the full version.

Foamstars – Trailer with release date

Party shooter Foamstars has been released exclusively for Playstation 4 and Playstation 5. The trailer tells you exactly when that will happen.