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United is no longer taking this route: Berlin is also losing flights to Washington in the summer

United is no longer taking this route: Berlin is also losing flights to Washington in the summer

United will not resume the Washington-Berlin route in the summer of 2024. This is the second German disappointment for a US airline in a short time.

The German capital’s airport wants more connections to distant destinations. So far, it has moved from Berlin to New York, Washington, Beijing, Singapore and Doha. Dubai and Miami will be added in the winter, Jeddah is also planned, and Washington will be dropped.

It was clear from the beginning that United Airlines would not operate flights to Washington in the winter. But now there is also bad news for BER for the summer of 2024: United will not resume the route between the two capitals.

The attraction never stops

“United Airlines will not resume flights between Washington, D.C., and Berlin in the summer of 2024,” an airline spokesperson confirmed to aeroTELEGRAPH. Newark connectivity will continue year-round only.

This is certainly bitter for Berlin. At the start of the Washington flights in May 2023, Berlin Mayor Kai Wegener said: “Thanks to the new non-stop connectivity, not only will cultural and tourist encounters be simplified, but also economic, scientific and commercial exchanges will be strengthened.” The entire Berlin-Brandenburg region benefits. “Berlin’s call has not ceased.”

United disappoints Beer and Delta Dusseldorf

Additionally, BER is the second German airport to suffer disappointment from a major US airline next summer. This only happened to Dusseldorf Airport in September by Delta Airlines.

In its latest summer schedule, Delta is flying between Atlanta and Dusseldorf for the first time since the pandemic. The route was initially planned to be year-round, but American Airlines abandoned this plan and made it a summer-only route. In September, it became clear that Delta would not resume flights in the summer of 2024.

Numbers three and four, but no turnstiles

Berlin Brandenburg and Düsseldorf airports are the third and fourth largest airports in Germany in terms of passenger numbers. In contrast to the first and second numbers, Frankfurt and Munich, they are not hubs, so flights there are not filled with many connecting passengers but have to operate as point-to-point routes.