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Thuringian Delegation Travels to the USA: Investing in Renewable Energies as an Opportunity | Action

Thuringian delegation travels to the USA: investing in renewable energies as an opportunity

Updated: 01/30/2023 03:50

Thuringia wants to benefit from the renewable energy investment package in the USA. (archive photo)

Photo: Daniel Volkmann

Erfurt / Jena.
A delegation of 30 companies and universities from the University of Thuringia embarked on a trip to the United States of America.

Businessmen and politicians in the Free State see the huge announced investment in the USA in expanding renewable energy as an opportunity for the Thuringian economy. In the middle of last year, for example, the US government launched an investment package worth 369 billion euros, for example to expand solar and wind energy, electric mobility, energy-efficient home renovation, and corporate promotion.

“There can definitely be good points of contact here for the Thuringian economy with its efficiencies in energy and environmental technologies, for example,” Katja Böller, Thuringia’s state minister for economic affairs, was convinced.

He led a 30-person university and corporate delegation that left on a trip to the United States on Sunday. The flight, which runs through February 4th, will make stops in San Francisco, Sacramento and Berkeley, California, and Austin, Texas. The program includes conversations with members of the California Parliament, the mayor of Berkeley – along with Mayor Jenna Thomas Nietzsche – and the Texas government in Austin.

Also scheduled is a visit to the Optics West trade fair, with about 30 exhibitors from the Free State in San Francisco, visits to companies and universities as well as investor talks and networking events with the local economy.