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Tech employees splurge on everyday luxuries — Zurich residents included

Many young employees of large technology companies like to show their comfortable daily work on the Internet. So did the Googlers from Zurich.

Young Google employees provide insights about the Zurich office on TikTok. – TikTok / @agaxk & / @thatgooglegal


The basics in brief

  • Videos of the luxurious daily life of Google employees have gone viral on social media.
  • You can see desks with a climbing wall, pool tables and a slide.
  • Googlers in Zurich are also happy to show online what they’re getting.

Last summer, a video went viral on TikTok depicting the seemingly luxurious and uneventful workday Offered by Google Interns. Intern Vu Ngo started a trend from Zurich. Since then, young employees of major tech companies around the world have been posting about their daily work.

More and more Googlers in Zurich are showing off their comfortable and luxurious daily work in videos.

to see She is hip and colorful Spacious rooms and bars for snacks and a variety of lounging options. For example, there is a band room with instruments, a pool table, table football, ping pong tables, and even a climbing wall.

Other videos show a fitness room, a Lego wall, and also a slide that connects the different floors.

Can you live without Google?

The videos show a very comfortable work-life balance – at least by Swiss standards. In contrast to international “role models”, Swiss Googlers express themselves Less frank about wages and working hours.

Lots of free time away from work

In his video, Vu Ngo calculates the working time to be 6.5 hours. This leaves plenty of time for developing personal table tennis skills or for taking coffee breaks at home cafes.

Meanwhile, not only Google is proud of the working conditions, but also the videos of meta employees make people jealous. On TikTok, Meta im campus Silicon Valley Compared to Disneyland. Part of the area is its own grill and ice cream parlor, where employees can enjoy themselves.

To get some fresh air, you can take a bike tour of the campus. Another option might be to go for a walk on a huge rooftop terrace that is set up like a park.

meta. – No

Technology companies love to watch bragging videos because the clips also attract new employees.

Especially when such a video goes viral and thus achieves wide exposure, employees act as influencers in the company. They have become the flagship of the technology group.

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