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This is how Charles wants to lure Prince Harry to his coronation

King Charles III celebrates his big day on the 6th of May. He definitely wants Prince Harry to be there. For good reason…


The basics in brief

  • King Charles will be crowned in London on May 6.
  • Prince Harry is still leaving the door open on whether he will attend the event.
  • King Charles certainly wants his youngest son to be there, and he knows why.

He did it again: it’s all about Prince Harry (38)!

And this despite the fact that May 6th is about a completely different person. At that day King Charles Third. (74) Crowned in London.

Whether it is Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle (41) Will there be? I’m not sure yet. Harry allowed himself to be in his many TV interviews No Select for an answer.

indeed King Charles His team has been warned. instead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle To leave standing in front of the door You want Make sure they are with you.

Because Charles is convinced that Harry’s absence will do far more harm than he does Presence.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Charles has now brought England’s spiritual leader on board. The Archbishop of Canterbury must create incentives for Harry and Meghan that they cannot refuse.

In addition, Prince Harry and his wife will be given high-ranking seating positions at the coronation ceremony. at a funeral Queen In September they sat in the second row. Both are no longer active members of the royal family.

To this is added the following. “Harry is upset about being brought together in public with Andrew as a problematic prince. A source is quoted as saying that while he believes the circumstances are very different.” This must also be taken into account during coronation.

Should Prince Harry attend Charles’ coronation?

Mediation efforts were not affected at all Prince William (40) Be. He is said to be worried that Harry will take advantage of the event to stage a “gimmick”. This could overshadow the coronation.

His demand: should prince harry f Meghan Markle Show, even the smallest point must be strictly adhered to.

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