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How much hate on the net affects Pique’s new girlfriend Clara Shea

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Clara Chia is the name of former soccer star Gerald Pique’s new girlfriend. Her name and pseudonym “Twingo” went viral around the world – at the latest when Shakira released a hate track against her ex and her new husband. Then, hatred rained down on the young Grid. The result: a stay in the hospital because of a panic attack.

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She is only 23 years old and the newcomer of former footballer Gerard Pique: Clara Chia. Until recently, no one knew her – now the whole world is talking about her.

However, this isn’t really a positive thing.

Especially after Shakira New Dis Track Posted against ex Gerald Piqué (and also Clara), the 23-year-old is the “bad guy” in the eyes of many. Rumors are circulating that Clara is responsible for Shakira and Pique’s split. Since then, the hate on the Internet has known no bounds.

Clara Xia could no longer bear this pressure. like Spanish newspaper El Predico report The young woman was treated for a panic attack in a private clinic in Barcelona.

The Spaniard has now deactivated her Instagram account – most likely to avoid hostilities via social media.

Last Saturday the couple were supposed to attend the final tour performance of Clara’s favorite Oques Grasses – but instead they retreated to the Piqué estate in La Cerdanya – so reported online.

Piqué recently posted this photo of the two of them on his Instagram account.

After Shakira released her song, Gerard Pique shared a selfie with Clara Xia with his followers via Instagram. There are also many negative comments under this photo. There it says “Clara needs a new shampoo”. Or: “You will never be Shakira!” , “Team Shakira” and the like.

Now the 23-year-old is supposed to live with her parents and work from there in the home office – she doesn’t dare go out into the street anymore.


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Stop! Wonderful! Gosh! Shakira goes to the gynecologist!

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