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That became one of the previous winners

Costa Cordalis (75) was the first ever King of the Jungle. He won the first season in 2004. The pop singer passed away in July 2019. He was also known as Schweig

Desiree Nick
Desiree Nick (66) is the winner of the second season. Since then, the actress has appeared in other television formats such as ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ – once even as a presenter.

Ross Anthony
Ross Anthony can also call himself the King of the Jungle. And since the show, things have gone uphill for the 48-year-old. He even had his own music show. He is now married and

Ingrid van Berger
Ingrid van Berger won jungle camp at the age of 77. She is now 91 years old. After the show, she got a role in “Tatort”.

Kusmagk counterpart
In 2010, Peer Kusmagk (47) managed to impress the public. Then the former “GZSZ” star was seen in formats like “Adam sucht Eva.” There he met his current love

Bridget Nielsen
Actress Brigitte Nielsen, 59, was also at jungle camp – with success. She was already famous as the former Sylvester Stallone. After the forest, she tried her hand at kimo

Joy Hindel
Joey Heindle (29) has gained notoriety with his involvement in “DSDS.” At the age of just 19 he was crowned in the jungle and won a huge prize money. But

Melanie Mueller
In 2014, Melanie Mueller won the bush. The 34-year-old has made a name for herself in the success scene. Presented regularly at Ballermann and works

Maren Gelzer
Her successor, Maren Gelzer (62), dropped out shortly after the jungle camp. In addition to the failed YouTube channel, the former “Wheel of Fortune” fairy sells her own jewelry.

DSDS from Minder
This guy probably needs no introduction: Menderes, 38, is perhaps the most famous “DSDS” participant of all. In 2016 he was crowned King of the Jungle. He still has no TV work

Mark Terenzi
Sarah Connor’s ex, Mark Terenzi (44), is the winner of Season 11. He’s now part of a male striptease group and even went on tour in 2019.

Jenny Frankhauser
Daniela Katzenberger’s half-sister, Jenny Frankhauser (30), has made a name for herself on reality television. In 2019, she received the crown of the jungle. Since then it is known by al

Evelyn Burdecki
Evelyn Burdecki’s TV career skyrocketed after the Jungle victory. Among others, the 34-year-old has been in “Celebrity Big Brother”, “Bachelor in Paradise”, “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” or «Sch

Prince Damian
Like many others, Prince Damien (32) also famously famous for his “DSDS” before he received the jungle crown in 2020. After that, he once again devoted himself to his singing career and brought

Philip Pavlovich
Filip Pavlovic (28) managed to win in the jungle camp last year. Previously Nadine Klein tried to conquer the heart of “The Bachelorette” on TV. Since the forest