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These are the reasons why some people sit on the toilet for a long time

These are the reasons why some people sit on the toilet for a long time

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Four reasons to use your cell phone to go to the toilet

Anyone who sits on the toilet for a long time and clogs the bathroom risks quarrels in the partnership. However, not many want to miss out on the laid-back little town – here are four reasons why.


One Reddit user complains that her partner spends up to 40 minutes on the toilet scrolling through social media and answering emails.

  • user Complain on reddit About her partner who sits on the toilet for 40 minutes every morning and scrolls through social media.

  • The husband does not understand her criticism. It’s my personal “me time”.

  • Also in this country many people like to stay longer in the toilet.

  • The reasons for this vary.

Complete relaxation

Compared to other seating options, the toilet seems unmatched in terms of comfort. As the 20-minute call shows, many are raving about it Sink a little on the ring To allow. “Getting home after a long day, putting your bags on the floor and sitting on the toilet is great,” says one reader as an example. “I already fell asleepsays another. Advanced users have secured a model with a heated toilet seat for this purpose.

Infinite scrolling

Many people take advantage of the moment when going to the toilet. While almost everyone has their smartphone with them as a faithful companion, others keep a stack of magazines or have their own TVs installed in the bathroom. Once immersed in the content, many lose the sense of time. “Once you start scrolling, there are no session limits,” one reader wrote. Depending on the living situation, the toilet is the best place to receive the Internet. Meanwhile, experts warn against possible hygiene problems: If you don’t wash your hands before using your cell phone, you can Transfer of fecal bacteria to the device.

More breaks at work

Even non-smokers need a short break from time to time. So people who secretly want more down time are happy to sit on the toilet, because: Away from the eyes of bosses, there are no critical glances there if you’re on your cell phone or staring at nothing. But there Intuition required. If you have been away for a long time, you may have questions about personal health status come up.

Good retreat

Quarrels with the family, in the relationship or is it all too much? Many then use the colloquial “quiet place” to shut down and organize their thoughts. Many readers of 20 Minutes are also convinced of this. “The toilet is mine Withdrawal from the familywrites one reader. “It’s the only place leave aloneAccording to one of the readers. Going back to the toilet can also help calm down during a heated discussion to prevent escalation.

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