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The Tamaris sneaker keeps you going – and makes you want to spring

Trends come and go! Sometimes it takes years for a trend to suddenly re-emerge (like the Y2K aesthetic) and sometimes we have to wait a year just because it’s a seasonal evolution of fashion. The latest example of springtime is pastel tones, which we wear a lot with the onset of the season change and when the weather is fine. Our wardrobe is no longer defined by wintery grays and browns, but gets a fresh coat of paint in delicate pinks and baby blue tones.

We don’t necessarily need cute candy-colored dresses to embrace the annual trend. Shoes can also be a great way to add some variety. Our latest hit is the Tamaris sneaker, whose heel has light blue and apricot color detailing. The color accents don’t look “too much” but only provide an eye-catching effect. Meanwhile, the wide sole cheats a few centimeters more without having to give up the comfort typical of sneakers. dream!

Deputy Fashion Director Anja reveals other cool trends waiting for you this spring: