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Wicked criticism!  I hope the drama ends soon.

Wicked criticism! I hope the drama ends soon.

Bad criticism of Massimo and Sally: “I hope the drama ends soon”

Under an Instagram post on the official “Let’s Dance” account, there are a number of comments from concerned viewers:

What happened to Massimo? frosty, quiet, does not say a word …

In a way today’s Massimo is different from the usual.

Massimo is going down this season.

And what does the 42-year-old professional dancer say about the comments? He gave at least one possible reason for not being at the recent “Let’s Dance” show: “I caught a cold,” One fan replied succinctly.

But that’s not all that viewers are discussing online. All in all, Massimo Senato and his dance partner Sally Ozcan have to face a lot of criticism for their performances, as the following comments should make clear: “funny dance Bad song just bad and there are no 19 points “,” Unfortunately I didn’t like it at all and unfortunately I can’t understand your points compared to others “,” I really don’t want to be mean, (…) But I think it always looks weird when you dance ” “,” Massimo is the dancer…he should get the most out of it “,” The tango is a great dance, it hurts to see how it’s done “,” Massimo’s Bonus “,” Sally had as many technical mistakes and stiff posture as you could see Also as a normal person “, “The worst dance of all unfortunately”, “With Massimo, she always looks so forced“, “Too many points. Massimo pushed too much. He looked so sad.”And “I really hope she ends this drama soon. She’s not doing herself any good with this show.” orI hoped that this dance would at least suit her, but it was hopeless. Still moving like a pawn. A very gross drive on the road.”

Ouch! This is not the first time that Massimo Senato and Sali Ozcan have faced opposition. Massimo’s former classmates Una Nichetti and Eric Klan (both 35) also harshly criticized the dance pros in their podcast “To Dance or Not to Dance at All.” In the eyes of many viewers, instead of Younes Zarou (25 years old), Malika Dzamoev (32 years old), Massimo and Sally or Christina Luft (33 years old) and Ali Gungurmus (46 years old), the song “Let’s Dance” should have been left …

“Let’s Dance” plays Fridays at 8:15pm on RTL and anytime RTL+.

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