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A “DSDS” juror exploded after a cheeky question from a fan

Singer Leoni had to put up with an outrageous fan question.Photo: dpa/Hendrik Schmidt


03/23/2023, 15:5103/23/2023, 16:02

Vera Siebnish

This year’s season of “DSDS” is in full swing and with it a lot of discussions. Dieter Bohlen’s sexist statement against Jill Lange sparked a great deal of excitement, and then Katja Krasavis publicly settled scores with her fellow juror. Meanwhile, the cast’s show shares declined.

Until now, one did not want to interfere with the Zoff case between Dieter and Katya: the singer Leoni said in a radio interview that she wanted to stay out of the controversy between the two. But when it comes to self-criticism, the singer is much less conservative. On Instagram, she now reacted very visibly to what she saw as an encouraging question.

“DSDS” juror Leonie defends herself against fans

The singer invited her fans to ask her questions. And one topic comes up several times: the upcoming Lyon tour. In May, the singer travels around Germany, appearing in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, and Berlin, among other places. With a concert in Vienna, there is also a stop abroad. But not everyone is excited about it.

“Isn’t ‘tour’ too big for your three or four songs?” a fan asks. Leon has little understanding of criticism. you answer:

“I can’t even imagine how stressful it is when someone else’s success or happiness (to me a complete stranger) motivates you in this way.”

Leonie answers a provocative question.

Leonie answers a provocative question.Photo:

In order to disprove the fans, she then posts the link to the Spotify playlist in which her songs are listed. The list includes 29 titles. And if you believe Leoni’s next statement, that’s not all the music I’ve ever released.

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She adds, “Can you listen in and tell me if I finally deserve to go on my first tour after eight years and over 70 hits as an artist-songwriter?”

Great enthusiasm for their tour

But Leoni knows she can always count on her community. After all, she still has a lot of ardent fans. Her tour announcement post has been liked more than 7,000 times, and the post is filled with comments from fans expressing excitement.

In a few days she will be releasing her first album, and her fans have also enthusiastically commented on the announcement. So Leoni can safely hide negative comments. But that is exactly what she does not want and she clearly prefers to provide clarity once and for all with a clear statement.