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The next generation Motorola Defy supports satellites

The next generation Motorola Defy supports satellites

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(Pocket-lint) – The next version of the powerful Motorola Defy smartphone will provide satellite communications – not just for emergencies, but to keep in touch when the owner is outside of normal cellular networks.

The connection was made possible by the British Bullitt Group, which develops powerful devices under the Motorola brand.

Bullitt’s satellite connectivity solution aims to bridge the gap faced by many smartphone users – especially those who travel outside city limits.

Bullitt Satellite Connect provides a messaging system that delivers text messages via satellite after the first attempt to connect over regular Wi-Fi or cellular networks before going to NTNs (Non-Terrestrial Networks).

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The connection is provided by Immarsat and other satellite networks and operates on a subscription basis starting at $4.99 per month. Anyone will be able to receive these messages as standard SMS messages or via the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app on Android or iPhone.

As for the device itself, Bullitt has reached out to MediaTek to supply hardware, but full details of the new Motorola Defy have yet to be announced.

As with other satellite communication solutions, you need a clear view of the sky for the system to work. However, since much of the United States is out of reach of terrestrial communications, a clear view of the sky will not be an issue in many situations.

In addition to messaging, the service also offers location tracking and the kind of SOS help we already know from other providers — most notably Apple.

As for the rest of the device, I think we’ll have to wait a little longer for the device to be fully unveiled.

Written by Chris Hall.