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Discord: Voice chat coming soon to PlayStation 5

The integration sticking of consoles continues in progress. After Microsoft has already made the Xbox Series X | S with the famous voice chat, Sony should soon be able to use it Playstation 5 (PS5) to continue. New guides suggest this app icon now.

Despite Sony’s financial involvement in Discord, the Japanese have not yet been able to adapt voice chat, which is particularly popular with gamers, for their PS5 game console. “Go to a voice channel to try it out! Chat with Discord Voice on your PS5, view the games you’re currently playing and more.” Discord source codewhich was searched by data references for PlayStation references.
The first images from the Discord beta for smartphones show hints of a PS5

Unanswered questions about functionality and PS4 integration

It’s unclear if Discord will appear natively for the PlayStation 5 or if the transfer will have to be made between a smartphone or desktop app and Sony’s console, as it has in the first few weeks of the release. Xbox Series X | s. Currently, the published code proposes a portability function, but it can also be presented as an alternative to direct entry to audio channels and quick switching between smartphone, desktop and console. Almost all indications also point to Discord integration exclusively for PlayStation 5. And just one line of code indicates that PS4 It can be saved, which can still be found in many living rooms due to the often chaotic delivery situation of the PS5. Currently interested players can connect their PSN account to Discord as a precaution in order to prepare for the integration. According to rumors, Access will be activated with the 7.0 firmware update in March 2023.

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Discord, Discord Messenger, Discord Logo
Discord, Discord Messenger, Discord Logo