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A Dragon's Dogma 2 player mistakenly believes that camping gear is consumables

A Dragon's Dogma 2 player mistakenly believes that camping gear is consumables

This could have happened to all of us.
This could have happened to all of us.

The experience of traveling in any other open world is rarely as important as in Dragon's Dogma 2. There is no classic fast travel in a fantasy RPG; Expeditions are often difficult and require many breaks. One way you can do this is to set up camp outdoors and use it to heal your characters.

For comfort you will need camping equipment or camp equipment. It's usually enough to have one of these items (two to be on the safe side) in your inventory, as they're not consumable items – but that's exactly what a Reddit user mistakenly thought, which is now causing amusement with a current post in the DD2 subreddit.

Ultralight camping for beginners

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“I played Dragon's Dogma 2 the whole time… thinking camp clothes were consumable items… I carried 7 of them, which is most of my weight,” the Redditor's post says.

Weight plays a big role in DD2. If you carry too much with you, you will move more slowly. Unfortunately, the Reddit post did not reveal which camping kit the player was carrying with him (there are several quality levels).

Suppose “MemoryReboot4K” is “Daily warehouse equipment“It was stocked seven times, each weighing 7 kilograms, and then loaded 49 kilograms…

But as mentioned earlier, if you set up camp in nature, you keep your camp gear in your inventory. So one is enough, or to be on the safe side two. Camping gear can be destroyed if monsters attack you while you're resting.

Capcom's open-world role-playing game Dragon's Dogma 2 has been available for PS5, Xbox Series A solid 88 points (with a 3-point reduction due to frame rate issues).

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