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The Japanese public preview trailer shows approximately nine minutes of the game • JPGAMES.DE

Nintendo and Intelligent Systems are adding more video material to developers Fire Emblem engagement From Japan to. After the basics We now move on to the overview trailer. It is hoped that a translated version of the video will also reach us.

After a brief history, the video shows the tactical battles. Then it comes to the seasons and of course the central logos. After a presentation of Base There are some dramatic scenes at the end as well as amiibo functionality.

The fight for Elios begins

Every 1,000 years, legendary heroes, called Emblems, grant incredible power to the person who possesses the 12 Emblem Rings. As the time for this ritual draws near, Alear—the wyrm god of prophecy—awakes to find the rings and bring peace.

But Sompron – demon dragons and enemies of a wyrm god from ancient times – has awakened again and is seeking the rings for his own evil purposes. Only Alear and those connected to the wyrm god stand between Sombron and total annihilation…

After the Warriors chapters, Fire Emblem fans can once again expect classic tactical RPG gameplay with Fire Emblem Engage. The game’s “Divine Edition” is already sold out everywhere. Standard version It can be found on Amazon*. Fire Emblem Engage launches January 20, 2023. Also expansion pass exist.

Fire Emblem Engage Japanese overview trailer


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