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Windows 11: finally good after one year of release?

About the October 2021 release of Windows 11, Microsoft has announced that there will be an optional, free feature update for users once a year in the future. Each new version of the operating system receives 24 months of support from Microsoft, so that each user can decide for himself when to switch to a new version of the operating system. Since September 20, Redmond has been distributing Windows 11 version 22H2 under the title Windows 11 2022 Update. In this article, we introduce the big new features of the first feature update.

Folders can be created and named in the start menu. The size is automatically scaled. Multiple items cannot be selected.

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With Windows 11, a newly designed Start menu has found its way, which, in addition to installed programs, also has a recommended area that lists recently opened programs and files sorted chronologically. However, some users complain about the strict classification. Only after updating to version 22H2 can you determine how much space the recommended area should take. And if you like, you can hide the region so that only hint text appears. However, this setting also affects File Explorer, so quick access view is not possible there. Folders in the start menu celebrate a comeback. Application folders can also be named. To create a folder, just swipe two app icons towards each other, then an animation will appear and a folder will appear.

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The following topics can be found in the article:

  • Win 11: More customization
  • The taskbar is getting old features
  • New and old Microsoft applications
  • HDR is easy to calibrate
  • Settings with many innovations
  • Android apps are coming
  • New task manager in Mecha Design
  • Stay focused
  • Live storage here: first test
  • News for gamers
  • Just a tab

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