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The Halloween party she had with Rito Hanselmann was too extravagant

Zurich party king Reto Hanselmann in the middle

So was Heidi Klum’s Halloween party

In New York, a spooky party, unsurpassable in terms of extravagance, is drawing to a close. As every year, the hostess had fun with the king of her costume party, Rito Hanselmann, and also enjoyed giving impressions of the mega event to Blake.


It-Boy Reto Hanselmann celebrated with “Worm” host Heidi Klum at their big Halloween party in New York.

Michel Imhof and Laszlo Schneider

In Central Europe, most bring their coffee, while in New York, “GNTM” producer Heidi Klum, 49, has just finished her annual Halloween party at the legendary Moxy Hotel. Your guests put in a lot of effort. Twitter head Elon Musk (51) came in as a wrestler, Zurich party king Reto Hanselmann (41) appeared as a pirate. But someone stole the show: Host Klum appeared as an alien worm—her husband Tom Kaulitz, 33, made the fearsome fisherman who threw a fishing rod after his wife.


Tom Kaulitz and Heidi Klum have once again outgrown their fashion looks.

Rito Hanselmann informs Blick by voice message as soon as the party is over. He says with a laugh that he’s doing fine considering the “conditions” – “really cool for my age!” He cleaned up until 11am CST on Sunday after celebrating his Halloween “witch season” in Kofluten, Zurich, on Saturday night.