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The first update of 2023 for the Google Pixel is available here

  • Pixel users have reached the first update of 2023.
  • January security patch included.
  • The hardware is from Pixel 4a.

The first system update that Google brought to its Pixel devices this year arrived a little late. It’s the January 2023 security patch, but it also brings a lot more with it. after this The first quarterly update of Android 13 In December there are above all some improvements.

Updates are now instantly distributed to devices and you can already order them right away. Otherwise, the system should report in the next few hours or days that an update is available to you.

To request an update on your Google Pixel: According to Google, if new system updates are officially available, they can be downloaded “immediately” and installed on devices. To do this, open the “System” area in the settings, then “System update” and press the “Check for updates” button.

Pixel Watch: Incident detection is common among users

When there was no changelog, the early adopters had a stretch Incident detection has come to the Pixel Watch. Up until this point, it wasn’t clear if there was a connection to the January update.

The provider discloses its changelog with innovations to Google

Audio (Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7, 7 Pro):

Biometrics (Pixel 6a, 7, and 7 Pro):

  • Additional improvements in fingerprint recognition and response under certain conditions.

Bluetooth problems (all devices):

  • Sometimes, certain Bluetooth Low Energy devices or accessories may not pair or reconnect.
  • This has, under certain circumstances, prevented audio from being played through some headphones or accessories during a call.

Camera problem (Pixel 7, 7 Pro):

  • This sometimes causes captured images to appear corrupt or distorted when enlarged.

Display and graphics issue (Pixel 7, 7 Pro):

  • Occasionally, the screen may not wake up or appear to be off when the device is turned on.

UI issues (all devices):

  • The device will sometimes appear in landscape mode when held in portrait mode.

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