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XMG Roadmap: The manufacturer has these laptops for you this year

The new roadmap from laptop manufacturer XMG is here. Like every year, the company plans to launch several new devices again in 2023.

XMG reveals its roadmap for this year

As every year, you can look forward to products from different series. This time the FOCUS, PRO, NEO and ULTRA series of products are represented. XMG relies consistently on Intel Core i9-13900HX, G-Sync-enabled displays, RTX 40 series graphics cards, and NVIDIA Advanced Optimus-equipped displays.

Two models of XMG NEO are waiting for you in the first quarter. Once XMG NEO 16 with new i9 and GPU up to RTX 4090 and XMG NEO 17 with the same configuration options.

XMG roadmap with all upcoming laptops for the first half of 2023.

At the end of the first quarter of 2023, five more laptop models will follow, each of which you can equip from an RTX 4050 to an RTX 4070. These are the XMG FOCUS 15, FOCUS 16 and FOCUS 17 as well as the XMG PRO 15 and XMG PRO 17, where the same graphics processing units. In the second quarter, the XMG Ultra 17 will be released with the option to install the RTX 4090.

In addition to the large graphics card, XMG Ultra also provides other advanced functions. The laptop has two Thunderbolt 4 slots and a Mini DisplayPort, which can also be used for virtual reality or multi-screen games.

Those who prefer a laptop with AMD hardware will have to be patient. Models containing the new AMD processors are currently only in the planning and development phase. They are said to have AMD Ryzen 7000 processors. A mid-range laptop with Ryzen 7000 processor and Radeon graphics card is also planned.