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The favorite “Sturm der Liebe” will soon be shown on “Der Bergdoktor”.

The favorite “Sturm der Liebe” will soon be shown on “Der Bergdoktor”.

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A breath of fresh air in idyllic Elmau: “Sturm der Liebe” star Jennifer Seaman will join the “Bergdoktor” film in the future.

Elmau – This news has made fans of “Sturm der Liebe” swallow 2021: the main actress Jennifer Seaman (32 years old) has left the telenovela ARD. Her character Lucy Erlinger left the royal court. She moves to London with her boyfriend Joel Waters (Peter Lewis Preston) to find happiness there. Since then, things haven’t been quiet for Jennifer Seaman: she released her debut single “Back to Me” and played the lead role in Ralph Siegel’s musical “NBit Frieden.” The multi-talented actress also performed a song for the German preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

Details still unknown: Jennifer Seaman moves to “Bergdoktor”

Seaman has now landed another lucrative acting job: she will star alongside Hans Siegel, 54, in the film “Mountain doctor” To be clear. Her acting agency shared the exciting news on Instagram. The article stated: “At the end of September, Jennifer Seemann will film the series Der Bergdoktor – Glück on the ZDF channel.” Under the direction of Florian Kern, the TV actress plays the role of Han. Further details are currently unknown.

New “Bergdoktor” episodes with Jennifer Seaman will likely debut in January 2024

In the shared photo, the blonde smiles for the camera with a short haircut. In the movie “Sturm der Liebe” Jennifer Seaman still has long hair. In a video on Instagram, the actress recently showed her followers how she radically cut her hair. She commented on the bold move: “Yes, I did it myself and so far I have not regretted it!” The 32-year-old was happy that the new hairstyle emphasized her figure.

Viewers will soon find out if the style also suits her new “Mountain Doctor” persona. The broadcast date for the new season has not yet been set. The episodes are likely to start in the first week of January. The new season is already being worked hard: after the summer break, Hans Siegel recently announced that he is new from the “Bergdoktor” group. Sources used: Instagram/jennifer.siemann.official