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Inka Pose reacts to love rumors with medieval rock singer

Inka Pose reacts to love rumors with medieval rock singer

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Is “Bauer sucht Frau” star Inka Bause already dating a rock musician? They both react to a newspaper report claiming this – and this is more than clear…

BERLIN – While Inka Boz (54) has been juggling lonely farmers in the song “Bauer sucht Frau” for years, the pop singer prefers to keep quiet about her love life. Despite this – or even precisely because of this – this topic continues to interest various tabloids. Also current.

Inca Pose taken long ago? The presenter of “A Farmer is Looking for a Wife” responds to the love rumours

as New week Find out now exclusively that Inca Pose’s heart should finally “bloom again,” as the newspaper wrote in a report titled “Secret lover?” There is speculation about a possible relationship with Florian Speckhardt, known as Specki TD. He has been playing drums for In Extremo, one of Germany’s most commercially successful medieval rock bands, since 2010.

As proof of this, a photo was printed in the magazine showing Inka Pose and the musician sitting close to each other. But love rumors are nothing more than that: rumours. The “Bauer sucht Frau” presenter and the drummer made themselves clear on Instagram on Friday (September 1), where they both posted a photo of the article there and rejected it as untrue. “Wow! Yellow journalism! How do I get this honor?” Florian Spickhardt also wrote under the post.

At the extreme: to the top of the charts with medieval rock

In Extremo have already sold over 1.5 million records over the course of their band’s history. This makes InEx, as the band is called by many fans, one of the most successful and influential medieval rock bands in the country. The group, which was founded in Berlin in 1995, managed to reach the top of the album charts four times, most recently in 2020 with the song “Kompass zur Sonne.” Five of their albums have been certified gold so far.

Inka Bause takes press reports of relationship rumors with humor

Inka Boz took the false reports with good humor. On her Instagram story, she shared another screenshot of the report and commented: “Maybe I’ll be able to join Metal Hammer now too…” Metal hammer It is an internationally published music magazine that deals primarily with topics related to heavy metal music and its subgenres.

In Extremo, who have already been at the top of the charts several times with Florian Spikkart, also shared Inka Bause’s post – after all, as a rock band, you can’t appear in the tabloids every day… Another musician who has recently made headlines is much less pleasant, and now Shelby Lane, 25, and Kayla Shakes, 21, on ending the Lindeman investigation. Sources used:,,,