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The Simpsons in real life and Harry Potter in Berlin

The Simpsons in real life and Harry Potter in Berlin

Video: Watson/Alina Kilungan

May 1, 2024 at 5:06 pmMay 1, 2024 at 5:21 pm

Berlin-based AI artist, who goes by his name on social media com. demoflyingfo Well-known, and reinterprets well-known film characters. His latest work that went viral: “The Simpsons” series with real people. The video received more than 3.8 million visits on Twitter within two days. But the artist is not only revamping sitcoms using AI, he is also taking other popular series and putting the characters in a new environment. The “Harry Potter” characters, whose demonic fox character places them at the heart of Berlin's nightlife, are particularly well-known.

This is how you can imagine the whole thing:

Video: Watson/Alina Kilungan

But other sites also come into their own. Characters from “Lord of the Rings” and “Batman” are also placed on the catwalk and a Balenciaga mannequin.

What does Demonflyingfox do?

The videos are kind of scary too. It leaves you with a strong feeling of “I know this, but something is not quite right.” The videos are amazing and allow us to imagine what is possible when creativity meets technology. But if you think someone is making it easy for themselves by letting AI work, you are wrong. The artist commented on this to “Tagesspiegel” as follows: It is an interaction between different artificial intelligence programs. One generates images, another transcribes sounds, and a third combines sound and image to create an animated face. Creativity is required because you have to imagine the whole thing to be able to formulate precise instructions for the AI. So it doesn't work completely automatically.

Our collection was not enough? Here's the full video for “The Simpsons”:


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