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JJ Anderson is disappointed in Andrea Berg and Helen Fisher

JJ Anderson is disappointed in Andrea Berg and Helen Fisher

GG Anderson has been in show business for over 40 years. In an interview with T Online he revealed why he was disappointed with Helen Fisher and Andrea Berg.

Gerd Grabowski, real name JJ Anderson, celebrated his breakthrough in 1981 with the song “Mama Lorraine.” To date he has written more than 1,000 songs – including for stars such as Roland Kaiser, Henault and Mireille Mathieu. He is currently working on his new album and likes to pre-test his songs at a Greek hostel in his hometown of Eschwege or at his fan clubs.

In an interview with t-online, he revealed how Helen Fisher and Andrea Berg abused him, and why, at 73 years old, he still does not think about quitting.

JJ Anderson: Before my first cartilage operation at the beginning of the year, my right leg was always numb. Now start the left side. After doing some tests I will know if I need to have another surgery.

How did you mentally cope at that time?

My wife helped me a lot. My family is everything to me anyway. Then I wondered to some of my colleagues why there was no quick call. For example with Helen Fisher or Andrea Berg. We’ve had so many fights together that I’m disappointed. Especially since I did so much for Helen and Andrea in their early days. If they were okay, I would have called them right away and asked if they were okay and of course wish them a speedy recovery. But maybe they were nervous at the time and were banned.

How do you generally deal with aging?

I’m approaching eighty, but overall I’m fine. I can’t complain, especially considering the other fates. As for Jürgen Droz, who is a lovely person and for me the most famous singer in Germany, I would have been very happy to retire without illness.

Have you ever thought about retiring?

You can’t take me out of the theater, I can’t help myself, I don’t have any other hobbies (laughs).

And all these years she worked not only as a singer, but also as a producer and composer.

Yes, for example, I discovered Thomas Anders with my colleague Bernd Dietrich. Long before Dieter Bohlen. Suddenly, a handsome young man stood at our door and said: “Hello, my name is Bernd Widung and I want to be a pop singer.” Then he sang a song to us and we felt very happy.

Without me, Wildecker Herzbuben would not exist.

JJ Anderson to T-Online

Wildecker Herzbuben also has a lot to thank you for.

Without me, Wildecker Herzbuben would not exist. They got the biggest hit through me. At that time, no one wanted to sing “Harzlin.” The song was shown to Peter Alexander, Frank Zander, Gottlieb Windhals – and myself. I said immediately, “It’s a very hit song. But I don’t want to sing it. Can you remember the band with the two fat guys at my wedding? They should sing it.” Then it took a long time to convince Wilfried Glem and Wolfgang Schwalm of this. Just for fun, I had them write a letter to a lawyer: “I hereby confirm that I want to make Wilfried and Wolfgang millionaires.” The rest is history.

Is the Greek restaurant owner in your city, Eshfegi, still a personal critic of your songs?

Tasso, who I also sing about in my song “Kali Spera Greece”, is now retired. But I play my demos of his successor, Pantelis, every time I go to a restaurant. If he gives me a thumbs up, I know this thing is going to be a success. I also play my demos to fan clubs from time to time and then distribute the sheet music. People there have known me for many years and know that I’m not mad if they don’t like my nickname. Most of the time they still give every demo an A (laughs). I will release the most popular songs on the album next year.