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The Fall Guys source code was accidentally edited

The Fall Guys source code was accidentally edited

An unplanned update from Fall Guys was released on Steam, more than intended. For a short time, all the source code for the game was online.

The basics are in brief

  • Fall Guys recently introduced an unexpected update with exciting content.
  • The update accidentally released all source code.
  • This means that cheaters in particular can now cheat more easily in the game.

Game developer Mediatonic recently released a Unplanned update for a successful game Fall Guys on Steam. However, with the update, the developer provided more content than planned. The complete source code for the game was presented on a silver platter in a volume.

Will Fall Guys be betraying Hell?

Variant of Updates with the html code It was removed quickly, but was backed up by some users. The folder containing the source code has the appropriate name «BackUpThisFolder_ButDontShipItWithYourGame». Therefore, clear instructions were issued not to publish it.

With the built-in fonts, anyone interested can now see how the game is organized and how it works. This is especially interesting for cheaters, as they can now bypass the game’s mechanics in a targeted manner. So it’s likely the title for fair players It becomes particularly difficult.