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Animals crossing new heights: Island size leaks - fans' dreams must come true

Animals crossing new heights: Island size leaks – fans’ dreams must come true

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There are always updates to Animal Crossing New Horizons. It looks like a fan’s dream of a bigger island may finally come true.

Kyoto, Japan Fans have been doing this for over a year The animal crossed new heights On your Nintendo Switch Adventure. Thank Regular updates Players remain happy and cannot just collect all sorts of items, such as Cherry flowersAnd the Fossils or painting, But also design the island just the way they want it. Now data experts have found evidence of a major update for players Immense freedom to play I was to give.

Version (date of first publication) March 20, 2020
publisher Nintendo
Serie A Animal crossing
a program Nintendo Switch
Developer Nintendo
Type Life simulation

Animal Crossing New Horizons: May Update brings all kinds of innovations to the game – soon a bigger island?

What would the epidemic be if the animal hadn’t crossed new horizons? Definitely unbearable for many fans. After all, you can wonderfully escape your everyday aura using life simulation. Move to a secluded island, plant and design it so that up to 10 residents can move in and bring life back to Paradise Island. to Many seasonal eventsWhich always brings diversity in the long run. No wonder Animal Crossing New Horizons was one of the most successful games of 2020.

Nintendo regularly offers updates aimed at giving players new incentives. So it was not until the end of April that the last so-called ”UpdatedShe announced the May festivities, but also the wedding season, the hunting and bug catching tournaments will start again soon. MySQL updates code But more information was found that should satisfy the fans.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Data experts find numerous references to new features and expanded island in the code

I code The May Update was very different Interesting lines of code are foundThis indicates more new things. For example, the titles are named in the symbol “mRemakeFence” And the “mRemakeFenceScaleSo data miners suspect fans will soon be the fences in the game Individual design ability. Just like it really is with a large number of pieces of furniture. The museum will also receive an update and will likely have additional ground. What fans could show next is not yet known. However, many fans are happy with another hint in the code, because the line “CafeSo what fans hoped it would be Dove cafe Moves on with the famous and totally silent Kofi in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Expand the Island – Upcoming update should make this possible

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but also General gameplay changes It should be there. In this way, data miners were able to find indicators of changes in the camera, so that players could use it differently in the future by doing so. Play from different angles Can look at. However, the biggest news, if the rumors prove to be true, will be this Expand the island. This is how it should be Southern border The island Double the duration has become. The expansion of the island itself is not suspected, but Nintendo could have one Another smaller island south of the airport Developed. Maybe the home of Johannes otter? Or the new location of the Taubenschlag Café? Fans will only likely find out when the posts are installed in a future update.

What features, locations, and changes would you like to see in Animal Crossing New Horizons update?

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