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The failed Twitter deal for Musk is a failure with an ad

The failed Twitter deal for Musk is a failure with an ad

The first tensions were noticeable in mid-April

On the fifth of April Musk voted on Twitter to introduce an edit button on the platform. A non-representative survey has no direct consequences. However, with the stake he just acquired in the company, he’s making sure that Twitter’s management has more hearing and therefore more influence on the network.

at least On the tenth of April The first tensions between Musk and Twitter are noticeable. Parag Agrawal announces that Musk has decided not to sit on the board. “I think this is the best,” comments the Twitter head. At the same time, the abrupt withdrawal is for many the first public sign of the billionaire’s flip-flopping on his Twitter deal.

Musk begins on April 13 Hostile Takeover Attempt: He wants to buy all of Twitter’s shares at $54.20 each and delist the platform online, according to a stock exchange document published on April 13. Twitter announces that it wants to defend itself against the takeover.

Musk has a personal interest in Twitter

On this day at the latest, even the last skeptic will realize that Musk’s interest in SMS has personal reasons. “Just a place on the board was not enough for him, he wants complete control,” t-online Head of Digital Jan Mölleken commented the next day. Because if the deal works out, “there will be no one to talk to to Twitter with more or, when in doubt, block the word.”

On April 25 Then the blast: Twitter and Musk announced an agreement to buy the online platform for $44 billion. Shareholders will receive $54.20 per share. Musk promises he wants to make Twitter “better than ever.”

Critics fear that the controversial billionaire could severely restrict moderation in content, for example in combating hate messages and the spread of false information. Musk is also known as an outspoken Republican and a supporter of Trump.

Musk will lift Trump’s Twitter ban

The critics were right: On the tenth of May Musk caused an uproar when he announced that he wanted to unblock former US President Donald Trump from Twitter. “I will lift the ban,” he says, referring to the suspension of Trump’s user account after the January 6, 2021 Capitol storm.

Then suddenly Musk and his alleged deal became quiet for weeks. Or not on May 13 There is news as Musk surprisingly announced a temporary moratorium on the Twitter acquisition. It added that the deal will be put on hold pending details of how the network calculates the number of spam and fake accounts. Musk wonders that those actually make up less than five percent of all accounts, Twitter said.