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Migros and Wage Cup likely to increase for 2023 to ease inflation

To ease inflation

Migros and the Wage Cup will probably increase soon

Retailers Migros and Coop may see higher-than-normal wage increases next year due to inflation. This has to do with the sharp rise in inflation.

Soon there will be more wages for thousands of employees! Migros and Coop usually contact at the end of October or beginning of November about any salary adjustments the following year. In Migros, wage talks for 2023 have yet to begin. “We will run this with our social partners in the fall,” the orange giant said when asked by the AWP news agency.

But: “Of course we will try to take into account inflation and the financial condition of the company in question.” It is not possible to say with more accuracy at the moment. However, one thing is certain: “We want to provide good working conditions – this is also in our interest.”