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The end of a big bank.  Credit Suisse has to put up with a lot of ridicule online.

The end of a big bank. Credit Suisse has to put up with a lot of ridicule online.

Keeler-Sutter: “I have a CS account myself”

Finance Minister Karin Keller-Sutter is a Credit Suisse customer. “I have an account with CS myself,” she said Sunday in Bern in response to a question from a reporter.


Founded in 1856, Credit Suisse has been dominated by bad news for years. Now the bank is finally out — and has to put up with a lot of derision on Twitter.

CS’ gradual decline reached a sad low when it was taken over by UBS. The bank previously offered users on Twitter the opportunity to let loose:

For some users, it was only a matter of time before CS ended up being an independent bank.

Others fear UBS will be wide-eyed if you look closely at the CS books from Monday.

With the acquisition, UBS will become XXL Bank.

In light of the scandals in the banking sector and especially in CS, this user is recommending a new rename and acronym for the now larger UBS.

The end of CS is another reason for this Twitter user to show the state of the international banking system in a video as a “live broadcast”.

The Simpsons already knew how things worked.

Even before the CS takeover, there was speculation on the Internet about a rude awakening of bank employees.

Whether current measures in the financial world should be enough to strengthen the faith of the markets is visually questionable.

In any case, the end of CS is not good news for the Swiss financial center

The Risk and Compliance team at CS gets a lot of snub.