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New trend on Tiktok: This is a rat snack

New trend on Tiktok: This is a rat snack

“Rat Snack”

You’re just secretly treating yourself to the latest food fad

Everything on Tiktok revolves around the so-called Rat Snack. Users try to outdo each other with their snacks: the more exotic, the better.


As a snack, a “rat snack” is made from the first ingredients that come to mind when we feel hungry or have an appetite.

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The social media platform Tiktok is for them Strange food trends a favour. The most recent among them: Rat Snack. By this we mean sinister snack combos – weird snacks that we secretly grab when no one is watching. or if we feel “hungry!” from one second to the next. Thinking and accessing the best of what we eat in our kitchen cupboards.

This is what a rat snack could look like

Put peanut butter on rice cakes or let a handful of granola fall right into your mouth? how boring! Wrap a cucumber in a slice of cheese, dip it in fig mustard and inhale it while standing at the kitchen counter? It looks more like a rat snack.

On Tiktok you can also see and read a tablespoon of feta cheese with capers or “potato soup” in relation to the term: a soup made up of crumbled chips and vinegar. In short: Anything goes with the rat snack—you just have to like your snack. Others may feel disgusted.

Why is the mouse snack so popular?

While we were still in lockdown, we searched the internet for elaborate recipes. Usually with the result that we sit dejected and weary before the recooked creation and ask ourselves if it was worth all the time and effort. Some of us washed pans And take over the pots.

In times of fast-paced everyday life, this is no longer relevant. What we need is a “guilty pleasure” (guilty pleasure) that we allow ourselves for a moment on top of all the stress. A good example of this is Sprinkle caviar chipswhich went viral a few months ago.

Snack Rat gives you the freedom to take a moment from your grandma cooking tips And to say goodbye to the health obsession and to sweep away the exact opposite within you.

Chips and chips are a good basis for a rat snack.

Pixels / Tim Samuel

How to make a mouse snack

With the rat snack, anything goes: eat what you really like from the kitchen or refrigerator off turns. The only rules: it has to be uncomplicated, from the first pulse and easy to eat – at best, you just have to eat very little. No dishes at all Uses. If you are thinking about how your loved ones will judge you with amusement when they see you, then you may have made the right decision.

A rat’s snack does not necessarily consist of melted cheese, potato chips, and chocolate, and is therefore unhealthy. You can also create successful mixes with dried fruits, nuts, coconut flakes, and the like. How cute is the “Comet”, then another question.

Others think it’s gross, but your mouth waters: What’s your favorite rat snack?

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