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The collection could be worth millions

The collection could be worth millions

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There are always barn finds. However, such a large group is rarely detected. It can be worth millions.

The vast majority of drivers use their cars to get from point A to point B. But for some people, cars are more than that, they are an investment and are usually stored in the garage. However, sometimes they are forgotten and dust accumulates. This means that amazing discoveries are always being made. It can be larger sometimes. Such as a supposed collection of over 200 vehicles.

This “barn find” was documented in a video on the YouTube channel Classic car rescue you can see. The vehicles were found in an old museum, as shown in the video description. They were left there to rot.

Barn find in the old museum: valuable old cars are part of the collection

Many classics are revealed in the nearly nine-minute video. First you can see two first-generation Camaros and a red Shelby Mustang. Colleagues Engine1 I think it could be a 1969 GT500. There are several Ford muscle cars in the hall, including a 1968 Shelby GT500KR convertible. If the classic car is real, it is one of only 518 examples. One of them traded ownership with Barrett-Jackson for, say, $205,000 Engine1 He writes.

The hall is a real paradise for fans of old cars. © YouTube (Classic Car Rescue)

By far, the greatest treasure in the collection may be two Auburn Boattail Speedsters parked in the corner of the hall. A 1935 851 SC Speedster sold for $747,500 at auction earlier this year. As with the GT500KR, it’s not clear whether these are original vehicles or replicas. In addition, it is not possible to clearly tell from the pictures whether this is a real boat.

Barn find in an old museum: many classics from contemporary automotive history

but this is not all. There are other treasures of contemporary automotive history to be found in the video. For example, other American classics from the 1950s and 1960s. Cars from the 1920s and 1930s are also part of the collection. Including some European models, such as those found in Rolls-Royce. And even a fairly modern Mercedes G-Class can be found under the hood.

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Also notable is a stretch limousine bearing the license plate “1-Elvis”. It is not clear whether the car belongs to the king himself or whether the license plate was installed in honor of the musician. However, the collection is now probably worth several million. By the way, this was not the first huge discovery of the year. In May, a collection of 230 classic cars was discovered and auctioned off in the Netherlands.