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The Canadian lives with the dog and cat in a Tesla Model Y >

The Canadian lives with the dog and cat in a Tesla Model Y >

There are more vehicles that are suitable and designed specifically for a motorhome, but you can also live in a Tesla Model Y—even with a couple of animals. According to her own statements, this is the experience of a Canadian woman in the United States who has been using such an electric vehicle as her only home for more than a year. The decision is made in a difficult situation, but now she enjoys Tesla’s nomadic lifestyle, especially since it provides her money for an apartment.

Live in Tesla with a cat and a dog

Stephanie Verovic regularly reports on her Tesla life on YouTube and Instagram under the pseudonym Little Hippie Gal, and has now given British publication Metro more information on the subject in an interview. Accordingly, she comes from Canada and has a partner in the USA. The two broke up, and her ex-husband gave her his Tesla Model Y for the ride back home, but she stayed in the country and decided to make the electric car her new home.

Since last March you are traveling in it now, Virovec told Metro. Her cat Finly and her dog Snow are always there. She had been interested in life in vehicles before, and when the opportunity presented itself in the form of the talented Tesla, she jumped at it. So far, it hasn’t modified anything on its Model 3, but it’s considering removing the rear seats and installing a lift, the electric car’s bedouin explained.

The Model Y is already bigger than the Tesla Model 3, as the American has made herself feel comfortable since the start of 2020. However, Virovec wants more space and has considered selling its Model Y for a bigger car, she said. But then it would have to do without the special features of electric cars like the brand: electricity for recharging is still available for free in many places. And Tesla in particular offers extras like Camping Mode, in which the air conditioner also turns on when you’re standing, and Dog Mode, which also allows you to watch the cat in the Model Y when you have to leave the Tesla.

Model Y until the perfect truck comes along

This can happen, for example, when Virovec wants to take a shower. There is only space for a private bathroom at real campers, so you use the gym facilities, swimming pools, rest areas, and sometimes buddies instead. She can cook with the equipment on board thanks to the portable stove and battery. According to Little Hippy Gal, the two animal buddies are also enjoying Tesla’s life. Like the owner, they spend a lot of time outdoors and only use the Model Y to drive and sleep. Until she finds the perfect van or tiny house, she wants her home to stay, along with Finley and Snow.