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The Callisto Protocol: Signs of Life from the Dead Space The New Horror Game Creator

The Callisto Protocol: Signs of Life from the Dead Space The New Horror Game Creator

In December 2020, Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space, announced his new baby. Since then, it has been quiet about the upcoming horror scene, but that should change soon.

When you have titles like Dead Space on your resume, it grabs attention. The Callisto Protocol also received this when it was announced in December 2020, but we haven’t heard anything about the ambitious project since then.

All we really know so far is that the new Schofield is a story-driven survival horror game set in the colony of convicts on Jupiter’s moon Callisto, in the year 2320. And that Schofield pretty much knows how to get players really wet. Underwear since Dead Space.

However, now Schofield has spoken via Twitter and expressed his delight that the game’s design is slowly but surely converging. The last sentence is especially important: “We’ll soon have more to share.”

Apparently, the game is slowly but surely moving to a stage where it can be shown to the public. This would definitely be exciting, especially since Schofield and his studio Striking Distance apparently have big plans in place. It was announced at the beginning of 2021 that they would join Skybound Entertainment. They are sponsoring the The Walking Dead brand and apparently the goal is to turn The Callisto Protocol into a multimedia brand.

Callisto Protocol – The Red Band Cinematic Trailer (Extended)

The horrific cinematic trailer for The Callisto Protocol, the new game from previous Dead Space makers, is now also available in the expanded version.