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Mice were originally meant to be your friends in Metal Gear Solid

Mice were originally meant to be your friends in Metal Gear Solid

at hard lime metal On PS1, it was originally planned that you could make friends with mice.

According to a new video on YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming (appropriately voiced by David Hayter), game director Hideo Kojima wanted to add more mice to the game.

Your little friends are rodents

Players will have the opportunity to raise them as a kind of pet and give them names.

Mice were the first life forms the snake encountered in the Alaskan cold, and they should have played an important role.

little hints

There are even references to mice. In the shadow level Moses in Metal Gear Solid 4 Snake talks to Otacon about his little friends.

Rats also appear in the Sniper Wolf boss fight. Originally, when you photograph it, it will get bigger and bigger. However, it was later dropped because it too much felt like a joke. Instead, Colonel Campbell calls you and tells you to stop shooting them.

According to Did You Know Gaming, the information comes from Kojima’s interview with Computer and Video Games magazine in 1999. Other magazines were also searched for unknown details.

A mariachi character has also been planned for Metal Gear Solid. It should be an analyst and give you hints on how to defeat the enemies. But only after he performed Spanish songs with a flamenco guitar. But in the end, it was deemed too ridiculous.