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The action-packed classic between FCB and FCZ ends without a winner

The action-packed classic between FCB and FCZ ends without a winner

FCZ top scorer Cheick Condé is applying to join the Guinean Olympic artistic gymnastics team.Image: Cornerstone

Basel and Zurich also shared points in the third confrontation this season. In the classic Premier League, understaffed Bayern are operating efficiently. FCZ scores two goals past Cornerin in a 2-2 draw.

March 30, 2024 at 10:49 pmMarch 30, 2024 at 10:52 pm

In the lively match, FCZ took the lead in the sixth minute with a powerful header from Leandret Kamberi. Until the end of the first half, Leon Avdolahu turned the game around with a brilliant shot and Anton Kade with a perfect shot from a tight angle.

In the 54th minute, Chick Kunde equalized the score for the visitors for the second time after a corner kick. This was the fifth time in a row that Bayern remained without a win at home to Zurich.

FC Basel and FC Zurich players enter the pitch as fans light fireworks ahead of the Premier League championship match between FC Basel and FC Zurich on Saturday.

The fireworks display on the Muttenzerkurve caused the match to start a little late.Image: Cornerstone

Active Basel team

While FCZ showed their mettle in standard situations, Basel were very efficient: their first shot on target made it 1-1, and their second made it 2-1. It was the first Premier League goal for Swiss U21 international Avdolahu. Zurich's Camberi, despite his reasonable height of 1.83 metres, was a master of the skies in standard situations, heading there from corner kicks for the third time this season.

Zurich were denied a penalty kick in the final stage after a foul by Fabian Frei on Jonathan Okita because Fabian Rohner used his elbow in the aerial duel with Dominik Schmid.

Eight failures forced coach Celestini to improvise when selecting personnel. 20 minutes later, Renato Vega was joined in hospital, playing as a centre-back as before the international break, while Dion Kakori and Avdolaho played in attacking midfield from the start. At right-back, Kevin Roig, who was favored over Nicolas Vueloz, made his first appearance of the year.

Basel Taulant Club

The Bayern veteran played his 300th Premier League match.Image: Cornerstone

Celestini's tricks helped them get a point, but not a win, which would have given Bayern at least a slight hope of reaching the Championship round before qualifying after Round 33. Barrage's place is still much closer to the top six.

Basel – Zurich 2:2 (2:1)
29,002 spectators. – Real Sharer.
Portals: 6. Camberi (Okita) 0:1. 27. Abdullah (Barry) 1: 1. 39. Kadi (Barry) 2: 1. 54. Conde 2: 2.
Basil: heat; Roig (74 Vuelos), Frey, Renato Vega (19 Van Bremen), Schmid; Shaka; Kade, Abdullahi (Augustine 74), Kakori, Kololi (Benni 46); Barry.
Zurich: crusher; Camberi, Catic, Kryzio; Buranijacevic (75. Rohner), Conde (81. Hornschuh), Matthew, Dante; Krasniki; Marchisano, Okita.
comments: Warnings: 68. Abdullah, 70. Frey, 73. Buranijacevic, 80. Barry, 87. Rohner. (RAM/CDA)


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