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That's why he never wears a wedding ring, but Kate always does

That's why he never wears a wedding ring, but Kate always does

A crisis between the heir to the British throne? Nothing there!

Observant fans of the royal family have noticed that Prince William, 41, is often seen in public without a wedding ring. In contrast, Kate, Princess of Wales (41), regularly wears a Wartski wedding ring during her public appearances.

Now the Mirror explains why. And it's very simple: the Prince of Wales never got a wedding ring.

A month before the royal wedding in 2011, St James's Palace confirmed that William would not wear a ring. According to sources close to the prince, this was purely a matter of taste.

“He's not one to wear jewellery. He's never worn anything. He's decided he doesn't want to wear one now,” a palace insider revealed at the time.

Kate, on the other hand, is wearing one made from a piece of Welsh gold. It also has a special meaning: it is made from a piece of gold that Queen Elizabeth II (†96) gave to the couple shortly after announcing their engagement.

Kate wears her sapphire engagement ring with her wedding ring, which previously belonged to Princess Diana (†36). As Kate recently revealed, her ring is the same size as her late mother-in-law's ring. So it wasn't necessary to customize the ring specifically for her.

By the way, not all royal men are like Prince William. Williams' brother Prince Harry, 39, always wears his wedding ring. His wife, Meghan Markle (42 years old), like his sister-in-law Kate, also owns a ring made of Welsh gold.

Princess Kate and Prince William married at Westminster Abbey in April 2011. The couple met and fell in love in 2001 while studying at St Andrews.

Their relationship is considered strong. Only in 2007 the couple broke up for a few weeks, but got back together shortly after that. They have three children together and have been living at Adelaide Cottage on the grounds of Windsor Castle since summer 2022.