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FIVE EXCITING STORIES – These 'bedtime stories' will appeal to children young and old

FIVE EXCITING STORIES – These 'bedtime stories' will appeal to children young and old


The famous story “Guetnachtgschichtli” has been expanded to include a new story: “Dimitri” about a young migratory bird stranded alone in the African savannah. We present these and four other great “Guetnachtgchichtli” here.

They are classic programs in the history of SRF Television: “Guetnachtgschichtli” have been very popular with children for decades. The newest addition to the story family is called “Dimitri”. There are many other wonderful stories you can see. Here is a choice.

New production: “Dimitri”

“Dimitri” tells the story of a young migratory bird stranded alone on the African savannah. There he discovers a world full of surprises with his new friends.

The new animated film series was produced in collaboration with RTS. Here is a small collection of Dmitry's adventures:

Classic: “Bingo”

Who doesn't know him, the cheeky penguin who goes on many adventures with his friend the seal, Robbie. Since 1986, Bingo has been delighting children around the world with his stories, in which his entire family also appears again and again.

By the way, the in-game language spoken by the penguins in the series is called Grammelot.

Popular: “Pompon Little Bear”

Seven years old, he is curious and adventurous: this is the little Pompon Bear. He may be a bit cheeky, but he always inspires his best friend Rita and his parents with his worldview.

The French animated film series “Bombonne Little Bear” is very popular, among other things, because there is a movie about it in 2020.

International: “Masha and the Bear”

The sweet and good-natured, but sometimes clumsy and annoying girl, Masha, has many adventures with her friend Bear (no name). Whether it's ice skating or playing hide and seek: Masha and her boyfriend are ready for anything.

The Russian animated series is considered one of the most successful series of all time. It has already been broadcast on television in more than 100 countries. On YouTube, “Masha and the Bear” is among the top 20 most clicked videos (excluding music videos).

Hadith: “Animals”

“Animanimals” is about animals that step out of line and overcome special challenges. In each episode, the animal experiences something funny or sometimes strange. For example, the following happens to a cow: When she wakes up, her sweet spots have disappeared. Desperate, I set out to search.

One of the things that makes the German series so special is that it doesn't have any language at all. The hilarious series won the 2019 Grimme Award.

These and other stories are broadcast in “Guetnachtgschichtli” format every day from Monday to Friday at 5:30 pm on SRF 1. In addition, all episodes have been uploaded, Play SRF, and YouTube SRF Kids.