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8th Anniversary with new modes and D&D chapters

8th Anniversary with new modes and D&D chapters

Dead by Daylight turns eight years old today, and to celebrate this important milestone Interactive behavior hosted an anniversary broadcast to share new details about updates to the asymmetrical horror game. This includes the official reveal of a new game mode, details about the previously announced D&D chapter and updates about upcoming spin-off projects.

New game modes and updates for Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight's 2V8 mode has been officially announced

Dead by Daylight fans can rejoice: a 2V8 mode is being introduced. In this game mode, two killers compete against eight survivors. To accommodate this new dynamic, there will be a larger map. Unlike the previous game mode, there will be no perks in 2V8 mode, but rather a class system.

Behavior Interactive stresses that the launch of this mode is dependent on community feedback. The initial release serves as a basis for future improvements and modifications. More details will be announced in July, with a release scheduled for late summer.

Dungeons & Dragons chapter coming next month

Following the D&D crossover, the next licensed chapter has now been officially revealed. This chapter will be released on June 3rd, and introduces Vecna ​​as the new assassin. Vecna ​​will be able to use four spells: Fly, Flight of the Damned, Mage Hand, and Sphere of Distraction.

The two new survivors are the two bards: the human male Pyramar Oraz and the female dwarf Estre Yazar. Both characters have three unique advantages: Mirror Illusion, Bardic Inspiration, and Silent Insight. A new map called “Forgotten Ruins” is also introduced. This dungeon map features a spacious main floor and a vast underground section filled with horrific trials and secrets.

New subprojects and trailers

The Casting of Frank Stone has received a new trailer

Behavior is expanding the Dead by Daylight franchise with new games. One such project is The Casting of Frank Stone, a narrative-driven game from Supermassive Games, developers of Until Dawn.

The new trailer, shown during the anniversary broadcast, is set in 1980 and follows a group of friends who want to make their own horror film. Although there is no specific release date yet, the game is expected to arrive later this year.

PvE shooter Project T begins its Insider Program

Another project announced is the PvE shooter codenamed Project T, developed by Midwinter Entertainment. This cooperative action-horror game takes place in an area called The Backwater, where up to four players can fight monsters together.

There's no release window for Project T yet, but Behavior has launched an internal program. Interested players can register to actively participate in the development cycle and access closed playtests.

What the Fog: A new roguelite game for PC

In addition to the already well-known spin-offs, Behavior has announced a third project: What the Fog. This two-person co-op roguelite is developed by Behavior itself and lets players control survivors Claudette Morel, Dwight Fairfield, or Feng Min.

What Mist will be available exclusively for PC. The first 2 million copies are free when you log in to Behavior or create an account.

Castlevania chapter announced for Dead by Daylight

As the latest announcement of the anniversary broadcast, Behavior revealed that the next chapter of Dead by Daylight will be based on Konami's popular action-adventure series Castlevania. We'll have more details on August 6th.

With these exciting innovations and expansions, Behavior Interactive shows that Dead by Daylight remains innovative and committed even after eight years. Fans can look forward to many exciting updates and new gaming experiences.