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That’s how long it really takes to shoot

That’s how long it really takes to shoot

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The wedding, the honeymoon, the reunion – it seems like an eternity goes by during the filming of “Wedding at First Sight.” Now one former participant reveals how long it actually takes.

Landshut – A new season of “Wedding at First Sight” is currently airing on Saturday 1. Couples get to know each other for the first time at their wedding, and then go on their honeymoon. Viewers can also accompany the bride and groom when they meet again at home. It sounds like a lot of time, but how long does it really take to shoot? How much time passes between the wedding and the reunion in Germany? Ex-participant Mario Huber reveals it to IPPEN.MEDIA.

Hardly time to get to know each other? The “wedding at first sight” honeymoon only lasts a few days

Mario Hopper stepped in front of the altar in Season 8 of “Wedding at First Sight.” However, the TV experiment that was supposed to turn science into love failed in his case – as with many other ‘wedding at first sight’ couples (expert reveals why). In the end, there was only enough friendship with his bride Lisa – the two broke up. On the show, the two went through the full program: from the wedding to the honeymoon to the reunion in Germany and the grand finale.

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In “normal” life, all this takes a lot of time. But how much time passes during a TV shoot? Although Landshuter can only speak from his own experiences, he suspects it’s the same for all couples. Nearly half a year has passed between the December 2020 introduction and the surprise shoot. Then everything happened very quickly.

“The wedding was on July 9, 2021. Since then, the camera has been constantly there. This means: on the wedding day, the next day.” He and Lisa spent just one night at an airport hotel before they began their honeymoon in Italy. “The trip took five days, and it was constantly accompanied by cameras,” Mario reveals.

Unlike Mario and Lisa: The “Wedding at First Sight” couples are still together

During the ten years of “Wedding at First Sight,” the number of breakups was much greater than the number of happy relationships. But a few couples are still together.

Jacqueline and Peter (Season 9)

Michaela and Oliver (season 9)

Simon and Marcus (Season 8)

Anika and Manuel (Season 7)

Ramona and Stefan (Season 3)


Appears differently on TV: HadeB is then reunited in Germany

In most episodes of Wedding at First Sight, viewers have the impression that some time passes between the honeymoon and the reunion. According to Mario, this can happen, but it’s not the norm. “In my case, it was initially planned that Lisa would come with me right after the trip, but due to the circumstances, we needed three days to ourselves to take it all in and recharge our batteries,” he recalls himself. During their honeymoon, the couple really clashed.

Mario looking serious (left), Mario and Lisa at their wedding
Mario and Lisa were married in Season 8 of Wedding at First Sight, but are now separated. In the interview, Mario gives an insight behind the scenes of the TV show. © Screenshot: Wedding at First Sight/Sat.1 (photomontage)

“Homestays aren’t camera-intensive anymore. They were really just there for activities,” the DJ continues. In August there were two more days of filming to finish. After about eight months, the HadeB experiment was finally over, at least on screen TV. Mario is currently doing well – but he recently caused great concern for his fans: the “Wedding at First Sight” star had to go to the hospital. Sources used: IPPEN.MEDIA