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Prince Harry: Sad news shortly after his arrival in London

Prince Harry: Sad news shortly after his arrival in London

Hopes were high, but they were dashed more quickly than expected. In fact, experts and insiders have agreed that if Prince Harry travels to London for the Invictus Games event, he will jump at the opportunity to meet his father, King Charles III, there. he meets. But now it's clear: nothing will come of this.

According to what was reported by “Sky News”, Prince Harry's spokesman refused the meeting, saying that the king was very busy. The letter specifically stated: “In response to the numerous inquiries and ongoing speculation about whether or not The Duke will meet his father during his stay: It will unfortunately not be possible to hold a meeting this week in the United Kingdom due to His Majesty’s busy schedule.” “.

No meeting between Prince Harry and King Charles III.

He continued: “The Duke of course understands his father's busy schedule with his various other commitments and priorities, and hopes to see him again soon.”

A bitter setback for Prince Harry, who was certainly hoping to use the trip to London to speak to his father, who was suffering from cancer. Now it will probably be difficult again to find a suitable new appointment.

What is particularly bitter is that the appointments set by Charles and Harry in London are only about three kilometers away. Father and son have not been closer to each other for a long time. After his stay in the United Kingdom, Harry will travel to Nigeria. His wife, Meghan Markle, will also be there.

With King Charles rejecting his son, the cold relationship between the royal family appears to continue. Prince William and Kate Middleton had already refused to meet with Harry. You can find all the information about this here.