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These sneakers are being mocked online

These sneakers are being mocked online

The “ugly shoes” trend has become a new trendsetter. The new “Cloud” sneakers from fashion house Balmain are sparking a lot of conversation online.

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Everyone commits a fashion sin or two in their life. But in recent years, there have been many strange fashion moments, especially when it comes to shoes – from Crocs in all its forms to the “big red shoes”, which saw a sensation at the beginning of the year.

Just as the year began in terms of shoes, it will likely end: The “ugly shoes” trend has become a hotly debated new trend on social media. It’s about the “Cloud” sneaker model from the luxury brand Balmain. Olivier Rousteing, chief designer of the French fashion house, showed off the unusual shoe on his Instagram page.

Balmain cloud

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Users compare the sneakers to Homer Simpson’s shoes

The sneakers look a bit like an oversized garbage bag – they are made of shiny black material and have a trapezoidal shape. However, their special feature is that they appear swollen and therefore look very bulky on the foot. There is no locking mechanism or any other accessories on the shoe. It seems like you can just slip.

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Homer Simpson – in designer shoes? Photo: Giphy

Opinions vary about sneakers on social media. Some of Rousteing’s followers call it “cool” or at least think it looks comfortable. But the majority of comments are not very positive. Many people make fun of the shoes and compare them to Homer Simpson shoes or Playmobil shoes.

Will the shoes still make noise?

Other users thought the sneakers looked like they were having an “allergic reaction.” On messaging service X (formerly Twitter), a user writes that she wants to blow up shoes if she sees someone wearing them. Some people find harsher words and call it “the ugliest shoe ever,” “a crime,” or “uncreative.”

It is not yet known when the “Cloud” sneakers will be released. However, one can assume that these strange shoes will generate hype again.

Balmain fashion house was founded in 1945 by Pierre Balmain Paris It was founded and is one of the most famous high-end fashion houses ever. After a few difficult and threatening years Insolvency Frenchman Olivier Rousteing revived the brand – also with the help of streetwear influences in his collections. Balmain has also gained a social media presence by collaborating with stars such as the Kardashian family.

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