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Tesla’s German factory with a freely accessible lobby >

Tesla’s German factory with a freely accessible lobby >

picture: @supergeek18

The Gigafactory in Texas is currently being prepared for its next big debut alongside the Cybertruck: the first deliveries of the Tesla pickup truck are scheduled to take place there on November 30, and as drone videos show, the company is in the process of opening the south entrance area For the factory to be rebuilt in the future. At the same time, the German Gigafactory has also been beautified: there is now a landscaped forecourt south of the main building. It is freely open to the public – as is the modern lobby at the Tesla factory itself.

Drinks robot in the Gigafactory lobby

When CEO Elon Musk visited the German Gigafactory again last Friday, it seemed that the work there was far from over. In any case, the official opening took place only on Monday, as announced by several Tesla employees and partners on social media. Accordingly, the new lobby at the factory can be accessed without registration. The designated times remained open initially, but were then changed On LinkedIn Offered later: Monday-Friday 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-4pm.

The first video recordings came live from the lobby on Monday from X user @supergeek18, who, according to his profile, works at robotics company CafeX. Tesla, SpaceX, and a robotic arm that prepares drinks upon request on the screen.

After leaving Grünheide again and before devoting most of his time to the first test product of his new xAI company, related to pouring beer and making coffee, he wrote in the CafeX video. @supergeek18 discreetly corrected this

Aside from alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, there was, according to the video, a Model Y in the Tesla lobby on Monday with Quicksilver paint, which had previously only been used at the German factory. Two receptionists, who did not appear robotic, sat behind a table in front of a glowing white letter T, and to the right was another robotic area: a machine from which visitors could purchase merchandise such as Tesla thermal mugs or hats.

The Tesla factory is now equipped with a supercharger again

In front of the entrance to the Gigafactory lobby on the southwest slope, which, according to a local observer, the door leads directly to final assembly, Tesla’s entire lineup of electric cars was on display on Monday, but also to take with you, so to speak: those things from now on, The factory will be one of the locations where you can start a test drive that has been booked and activated via the app.

The German Gigafactory is becoming increasingly interesting as a destination. This is especially true given that there are several hundred wall boxes waiting in the parking spaces out front for previously free electric vehicle charging. In addition, the supercharging station at Tesla’s factory, which was converted to V4 pylons, was restarted this week. As in most German-speaking countries, it can also be used with electric cars from other brands.