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355 A321 Neo and A350: Turkish Airlines appears to be facing heavy demand from Airbus

355 A321 Neo and A350: Turkish Airlines appears to be facing heavy demand from Airbus

Announced several months ago, the order now appears to be coming: Turkey’s national carrier is ordering 355 Airbus A321 Neo and A350 aircraft. But Boeing and perhaps Embraer could also play a role with Turkish Airlines.

Turkish Airlines has ambitious growth goals. It wants to grow from 400 to more than 800 aircraft in ten years. In the year of its 100th birthday, that should happen in 2033. The airline also wants to double its capacity by then, both for passengers and cargo.

For this purpose, the Turkish national airline needs new aircraft. She wanted to apply again in June. It should include about 600 aircraft – 400 for short and medium-haul and 200 for long-haul. But then presidential elections took place in Turkey, which President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won by a narrow margin. The matter was postponed.

A group photo on the banks of the Bosphorus

But Turkish Airlines is now about to announce a huge order for 355 aircraft. This is what the aviation portal Hava Soyal Media wrote. Accordingly, the airline wants to order 250 A321 Neo aircraft, 75 A350-900 aircraft (in addition to the 10 already known aircraft), 15 A350-1000 aircraft, and 5 A350 F aircraft. This is at the Dubai Airshow which starts on Monday (November 13).

The report stated that the airline’s management negotiated the deal with Airbus management in Istanbul. It shows a group photo with thumbs up of the heads of Turkish Airlines and Airbus on the banks of the Bosphorus.

Embraer can hope, too

The Airbus order also means that Boeing can also hope to secure a large order. Embraer could also play a role, as the European manufacturer’s order does not include A220s.