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Tesla looks at Australia: it could sell whole climate solutions to the world

of Christian Lutz 15.05.2021

Tesla looks at Australia: it could sell whole climate solutions to the world

TeslaTesla looks at Australia: it could sell whole climate solutions to the world

Australia is still one of the largest producers and exporters of coal. At the same time, it is one of the sunniest parts of the world. Many states now want to promote the expansion of solar energy in collaboration with Tesla.

Even if the Australian government builds a new large coal mine in 2019 to counter opposition from the public and environmental activists Approved, Rethinking renewable energy is already underway in local politics. Due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and intense sunlight on the Fifth Continent, some states have already begun funding programs for photovoltaic systems and energy saving systems. This is where Tesla seems to be operating now. A company manager said Australia could be transformed from a coal nation to a prime example of solar energy production, storage and distribution.

Showcase project Australia

Already in 2017 Tesla has installed the largest lithium ion battery in Australia to date as the largest fixed storage device for solar energy. Even today, the giant battery is one of the largest in the world. According to Mark Twidel, director of Tesla’s energy division, there are currently 40 additional projects in Australia dealing with the production and storage of electricity generated from the sun. Clean Technica Blog Announced This means that, according to the Australian Financial Review, a team from Tesla has already set up the next giant battery in Australia. Twidel said in an AFR report that Australia was an excellent location for the project because there was enough sunlight and the country had high levels of lithium.

Tesla could become an electric generator

In addition to the environmental benefits, Tesla wants to make the economic benefits of the project more attractive to the Australian government. According to forecasts, the global supply chain for lithium ion batteries is expected to reach $ 400 billion by 2030. According to the idea of ​​the Tesla manager, not only can we export raw materials to the country, we can also sell complete climate solutions to other parts of the world. He mentions small-scale solar energy and storage solutions already in operation, some of which work with Tesla technology. already has an experience report on Tesla solar bricks from the United States Place under the microscope. In the future, Tesla will now introduce its technology to a large number of utility companies. Consumers in Australia can get electricity if they already have Tesla solar panels and powerwall batteries. Electricity tariff is based on the availability of electricity from renewable sources. AI software takes on Autobidar related integration. In the long run, Tesla could become a global energy supplier and overtake its electric car business.

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