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Prince Harry: With this statement, he has not made himself famous in the United States either

But the big topic is that he wants to comment on it in detail. It was an object he did not understand until the last because he had recently lived in the United States. “But you can find a hole in anything,” Harry continued. “You can use what is not said or use it instead of maintaining what is said.”

Review from UK and US

Harry’s comments are attracting criticism on Twitter on both sides of the pond. Both Americans and British commented on Harry’s claims.

British politician and co-founder Brexit party Nigel Farage denounced the former king: “That Prince Harry was the first Amendment to the Constitution The man convicted by the United States shows that he has lost perspective. Soon it will not be needed on either side of the pond. “

“Windsor, don’t knock on the door,” Fox News presenter Laura Ingraham tweeted Sunday.

Texas MP Don Grenshaw joked, “Well, I doubled the size of my Independence Day party.” One user says cynically: “The abused prince escapes from the British plate in search of the American plate.”