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DFP against Australia Kathy Hendrich scores in the win

DFP against Australia Kathy Hendrich scores in the win

Sjok Noscan (11th minute), Hendrich (48th), Jules Brand (63rd), Laura Freelang (65th) and Linda Dolman (90th + 1st) set up Martina’s goals at Wisden in Vos-Teklenberg on Saturday. Emily Kilnick scored twice late for the guest team (79./90.+2). On Tuesday, the DFP team will meet Norway at the same venue (4pm / ZF)

The German team started the day with great enthusiasm. The mandatory PCR test on Friday favored Felicitas Raouch. The DFP said he was asymptomatic. As part of the contact surveillance, Rauch’s Wolfsburg teammates Lena Oberdorf, Sarah Dorsoun and Svenza Hood were classified as Type 1 contacts by order of the Offenbach Health Department. They had to go into isolation during the quarter of the DFP exam.

Anyone who believed that the TFP-Elf would not be resolved now was mistaken. After a sample phase, the hosts grabbed the scepter and enjoyed their beautiful wing game. However, none of Australia’s most acclaimed attack on superstar Samantha Kerr was seen. Heckering (Munich) and Hendrich (Wolfsburg) defended efficiently, allowing nothing. After the break, Hendrich finished an independent cross 2-0. (dpa / sid / tf)