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Tesla drivers face hours of wait: Charging chaos in Great Britain

Tesla drivers face hours of wait: Charging chaos in Great Britain

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From: Marcus Effler

Disturbing images from Great Britain: During the prime winter travel season, Tesla drivers sometimes had to wait hours to charge their Stromer.

This is the biggest brake on electromobility and the most important argument for drivers who don’t want to switch: the uncertainty of finding a free charging station when they need it and the loss of time tapping into electricity. In fact, experts warn of charging bottlenecks Very few charging stations. There are widespread fears that tourism will be affected due to power outages. Switzerland is even considering banning e-mobiles from driving in case of power shortages.

Charging chaos: British Tesla drivers have to wait hours for free Superchargers

In Great Britain, minimum personal charges may be imposed in the future. Scenes there during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve commute could raise even bigger doubts about electromobility in the Brexit state.

Because apparently British Tesla-Drivers sometimes wait for hours to get a seat at the Supercharger. Many commuters posted pictures on social media of long traffic jams in front of charging parks.

Charging chaos: “Bad ride as a Tesla driver”

A Twitter user counted 40 cars in a queue at a facility in northwest England. “Two hours and 30 minutes waiting to charge,” he wrote, “Worst trip as a Tesla driver.”

Editor’s Note: This text has already appeared in the past tense. He was of particular interest to many readers. That’s why we’re offering it again.


These problems have apparently affected many parts of the country. The reason for this is not the lack of electricity, but the undersupply of charging stations in some, especially rural areas.