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Adhesive and Sealing Technology | Herma Receives Australian Packaging Award

Shipping and logistics labels without packing paper save raw materials and CO2– Emissions. That’s why Herma’s labeling system won an award in Australia.

Herma recently received the Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award in the “Sustainable Packaging Design – Labeling” category for its InNo-Liner system. The product was also up for a silver medal in the category “Labelling & Decoration Design of the year”. The competition is organized annually by Australian packaging company AIP. Herma’s sales partner for Australia, Result Group, submitted the InNo-Liner system. Its managing director, Michael Dozer, presented the award to Martin Cole, head of the labeling machines division. At Herma, “The innovative Herma Inno-Liner system is a milestone in the field of sustainable labeling of shipping boxes and other tertiary packaging materials,” says Michael Dozer. RESULT Group has already installed many of these systems in Australian outfits. Expert Hanes.